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Master Maine guide Ray Reitze founded Earthways in 1988 with the mission statement: "To teach people the ancient ways of living with the earth so they may hold a renewed perspective of love for all things, that they may freely choose their true life's purpose." 



Ray Reitze, Jr.

Master Maine Guide


Years ago, Ray was called to teach the skills and philosophy of the elders that have shaped him since he was a boy. Founder of Earthways, Ray brings to the world a gentle and humble presence that draws all who meet him towards the peace, light, and love that dwells within him. Ray is author of And We Shall Cast Rainbows Upon the Land, a book of wisdom and teachings from both Ray and Grandfather, a Mic Mac elder who greatly influenced Ray's life and direction and purpose. He has spoken on wilderness survival at numerous public schools and organizations such as L.L.Bean's Outdoor Discovery Schools and in Maine and New Hampshire Audubon Societies. Ray and his wife Nancy co-authored a series of articles on primitive skills entitled "Grandfather's Teachings".

Patrick Dole

Registered Maine Guide

           Patrick's innate sensitivity to the natural world led him to explore the Yukon on foot and by canoe as a teen, and then to cultivate early friendships with traditional Elders from Narragansett, Lakota, and Abenaki cultures. His hands-on experiences as a boatbuilder, tall-ships sailing instructor, backpacking guide, hunter and traditional builder combine with his humor and spiritual depth to instill a natural ability to lead people of all ages in any terrain. Patrick’s ingenuity, curiosity, and grounded humor allow him to navigate many worlds candidly, and make genuine connections with people from all walks of life, backgrounds, and abilities.


Carrying on  Earthways Vision

           Ray and Pat share a sensitivity and connection to the natural world that was seen and cultivated further through early friendship with traditional Elders. Hands on skills, spiritual depth, and practicality have let to a unique friendship that has inspired Pat to work with Ray to ensure Earthways is available for the next generation.  Their combined grounded creativity and passion for connecting people to the natural environment have led them to collaborate to keep these trips and teachings breathing into the future. In the near future Pat describes his role as "doing the heavy lifting for Ray so he can continue doing what he loves, connecting people to their hearts and journeying into the bush". 

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