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Pack Baskets

Learn the art of making a beautiful and versatile traditional pack basket you will use for years to come

Have you seen someone with a basket on their back and wished you could have one for yourself? Well now you can. We use these baskets on all of our river and paddling trips and they hold up exceptionally well and are versatile and comfortable. We provide the how - to pattern, all the materials you need, plus the straps and buckles used to carry it with. This is a two-day class because some can make this basket faster than others and we want you to be relaxed and not feel rushed. The overall measurements of the basket are approximately 16" x 9" at the bottom, 20"-22" tall, and about 48" around at the top. They are great for laundry, storage container for winter hats and mittens, a trappers basket, or carrying items back and forth to your car, school or store.

2 Days

$250 / Person

Bring Bagged Lunch

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