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Canoe Poling

Experience the grace and versatility available in the practice of traditional canoe poling

Have you ever wanted to be able to turn around and work your way back UP the same river you've just come down? Maybe to save the hassle of a shuttle, re-run a fun set of rips, or pickup what you left on the shore after lunch? Learning to pole a canoe can do just that. It will open new waterways in a traditional way that cannot be accessed by any other means than upstream travel. Canoe poling has been an intregal part of North American canoe travel since the canoe was first created. Join us for a day of introduction, practice and instruction in the skill that will change the way you think of canoe travel. Yes, you can stand up in a canoe!

1-2 Day

$175 / Person/Day

Bring Bagged Lunch

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